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Well Hello Blog World!


Well hello blog world! For quite some time I have been looking forward to sharing my crazy life with you! Today I publish my first post! Yay me!

It’s a beautiful┬áMay day┬áhere. The kids and I are very excited because today we got to go strawberry picking… in our own backyard!!!! While I did forget to take pictures of the kids having fun, here are some of our strawberry plants.

I by no means have green thumbs and we have a small yard. But we like experimenting with our small garden. So far we have planted tomatoes, peppers, cucumbers and strawberries. This is our second year for our strawberries and they have produced a ton more than last year. Do you have anything in particular that you love to grow in your garden? I am also looking for ideas on what to plant in a full sun, full heat, not the best soil and windy area. Let me know if you have any thoughts for this novice gardener!

And now I will go enjoy my strawberry!

Until next time!