Cabbage from the Patch

Lonely Cabbage

Lonely Cabbage (Photo credit: pain_amp1013)

Are you a cabbage fan?  Not the, oh so popular when we were kids, Cabbage Patch Kids, but the one the grows in the garden. Do you have a favorite recipe for cabbage? So far we have received two cabbages from our farm share, a green and a red one.

Cabbage seems to be pretty popular around here. We are surrounded by dishes that are highly influenced by Polish cuisine. We are even the home of the “very famous” Great Pierogi Race! A lot of my local friends seem to like making the popular Haluski; I must say, I’ve never ventured into making it. They tend to complain that their kitchen smells like cabbage for the rest of the day. All I’ve ever made with cabbage has been your traditional picnic style coleslaw, which is what I made with my green cabbage. Everybody in my family really likes it.

Traditional Cole Slaw MW

When we got our share a friend was telling me that her husband does not like coleslaw and her cabbage was so big that she needed more cabbage recipes. I searched around and found a recipe for Chinese Coleslaw. I had never tried the recipe, but I am a big fan of the Brown Eyed Baker blog, so I figured it was going  to be good. I sent my friend the recipe and next thing I know she was RAVING about it. Even her husband LOVED this coleslaw. So I was excited when we got our red cabbage, I knew exactly what I was going to make with it… The Chinese Coleslaw. It is far from your typical coleslaw and is vinegar based instead of mayo based. The red cabbage gave it a fun color. This recipe calls for Ramen Noodles, sunflower seeds and almonds. It is fantastic, makes my mouth water just thinking about it. You get a perfect mix of crunchiness and sweetness and vibrant colors as a bonus.

Chinese Cole Slaw MW

So next time you see a lonely cabbage at the grocery store, pick it up and try this amazing recipe which will surely brighten your day. Let me know, I’ll come over for dinner.

Until next time…



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