A New BzzReview From Me to You – The Razor


I belong to a great, fun group called BzzAgent. Through BzzAgent you get to try fun new products and share your opinion about them. Usually they will send you some sort of free sample and coupons to share with friends. This is my first campaign that I’m sharing on here.

For this campaign I got to test the new BIC Soleil Savvy disposable razors.

I am a very simple girl when it comes to razors. I usually use men’s disposable razors. Nothing fancy but they do the job. I have tried all kids of women’s razors from the Venus to women’s disposables and have always been very unimpressed. So when I received this in the mail, I said “Ok why not.”, but wasn’t expecting much out of it.

Well ladies and gents… I love this razor! The package comes with one handle and four cartridges. When you are done with your cartridges you dispose of the whole thing and buy a new package. To me it seems this part is a little wasteful, they don’t sell the replacement cartridges by themselves. But they are not too expensive, Walmart sells them online for $6.27. The refills have three blades on them and a moisture strip with Vitamin E. The handle is nice and big so it’s easy to hold. It will leave your legs feeling so smooth.

Thanks to the people at Bic and BzzAgent I received this nice little care package.

I have a few $3 off coupons, if you live in the US would like to try out this wonderful razor, I will mail out a $3 off coupon to the first two people to comment on the post. You have until Friday the 13th to post a comment.

Do you have a favorite razor? Have you used the BIC Soleil Savvy before? What are you doing to stay cool during this very hot summer?

Until next time!



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