Infusion Part One


Have you ever made your own infused vodka? We recently had a fabulous martini during our travels. It was pink, it was sweet and it was SPICY! We walked out of the restaurants and our gears started turning. How could we come close to recreating that drink? I believe we succeeded!

Have you ever had Tito’s Vodka? It is from Austin, Texas. We were introduced to this vodka about a year ago. We are in love! It’s not expensive, about the same price as a bottle of Captain Morgan rum, but it’s so good. In fact it’s so good that you won’t realize you are drinking vodka! (Do you have a favorite vodka?) Ok, back to the drink…

So we had some strawberries from our farm share that were looking a bit on the sad side, but we didn’t want to throw them out. What did we do with them you ask? We put them in the vodka. Our bottle was pretty empty, so we decided to just make it all in there, it even has the easy pour cap. In order to add spice to it we tossed in some Serrano peppers, which are hotter than jalapeños. Then we waited.

The strawberries gave it a beautiful bright pink color and the peppers gave it some flavor.

Do you like spicy things? My husband likes more spice than I do. But I must say we both loved this drink. You should try it, you won’t know what hit you… Some sweetness them boom the spicy. It tickles the back of your mouth, but you can’t stop drinking it. To sweeten it up and tame the peppers down a bit you can add some simple syrup.

Do you like coming up with new drinks? What is your favorite summer drink?

Until next time!



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