Super Mom vs Double Fold Bias Tape


Last night, while my kids were playing super heroes, I got to work on the double fold bias tape I decided to make for the blanket I promised my son.

Do you ever wonder why you make your life more difficult at times?

The store sells perfectly good double fold bias tape. If you do decide to make it yourself there are wonderful tools out there. Mine isn’t even that special, it is just plain brown cotton. Now for the disclaimer, I am by no means a sewing expert. I would say I am a beginner. I am also no Martha Stewart. I am not a craft goddess and I am not a perfectionist.

My love for sewing started when my friend asked me if I wanted to make quilts for our boys. It was great having her mom there to help us through the process. Since then I have bought my own sewing machine and have found that blankets are my favorite things to make. My daughter has a few blankets that I have made for her. My son of course has the quilt, which I’m so glad he loves, but no “cuddle on the couch” blanket. I decided to make him one.

This is the quilt that started it all:

Now back to the bias tape…

Since I like to make my life difficult I decided to make my own and not use any tools. I bought some plain brown fabric which I cut myself. (Probably not quite “on the bias”.) About a month or two later I finally decided I had to make it into what it is supposed to be. So while the kids were playing super heroes last night, I became the super hero of the bias tape. (Or so I tell myself) So basically I ironed the fabric in half so I had a good guide then folded each side in and ironed again. Here are pictures of the finished product.

The folding and ironing:

The big mess of bias tape:

The “beautiful” finished product, now I just have to make the blanket to go with it:

So, how do you bias? Do you buy it pre-made? Do you have the fancy tools to make it? Or do you sweat over a hot iron to turn yards and yards of fabric into beautiful bias tape? Ok, I might be a little dramatic at times.

Until next time!


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